North Carolina Strip Clubs

North Carolina Strip Clubs

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Due to the content here on Atlanta Strip Clubs .net it was difficult to get sponsors because of the sexual nature of the website. So we created a new website Clubs-Live and will have sponsors to keep the cost to a minimum for our viewers. We put up a poll and 67% of the visiotrs said they would at some price, like for us to supply feeds to various clubs.

You will be able to chat live with DJ's from various clubs and even interact with dancers depending on the club. The live club feeds will allow you to choose which club to go to, instead of paying the $10-$20 cover charge to find out you need to be some where else.

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    North Carolina Strip Clubs

    North Carolina is home to over 60 of the finest Strip Club you’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing. Helping you find your way to the hottest parties in town is NC Strip

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    “Are You Hiring Dancers?”

    Here at Atlanta Strip we get a lot of ladies calling up asking if we’re hiring. We then explain to them that we are a strip club directory and ask them what club they’re actually looking for. Usually our conversation doesn’t end without them asking us some questions or for some tips when it comes to getting hired at a club.

    How Old Do I have To Be To Dance in Atlanta?

    The one question we get asked most is how old do you have to be to dance in Atlanta. The answer is 18 years old. Of course there is no drinking in the club until you are 21, but you are allowed to dance. Almost all clubs make you blow in a breathalyzer before you leave work. If you are underage and you register, that is typically grounds for termination. The last thing a strip club wants is to be shut down due to under age drinking.

    Best Clubs to Begin Dancing in Atlanta

    Next we get asked what clubs are the best to work at. Everyone is different, so it’s hard to recommend. If you’re not sure what club you’d like to work at, go online and find clubs in your area. Look up reviews for the clubs. Of course reviews are basically an opinion, everyone has a different view. But you can generally get a feeling based on the reviews collectively. One bad review out of 8 means someone may have had a particularly bad night and you shouldn’t let it reflect negatively on the club. But too many bad reviews and I’d tend to stay away.

    See For Yourself

    Once you’ve found a club you’re interested, visit the club with a guy friend (if you’re old enough to get in). Sit down at a table, have a drink (or a soda) and observe the dancers. Watch how they interact together. Are they friendly or do they seem cliquish? Get a lap dance for either you or your friend. Watch how the girls dance. Are the rules a little too lax for your taste or are you comfortable with the type of dancing they are exhibiting? If everything seems to your liking, ask the girls how they like it there. Usually dancers are very friendly and very open to conversation. If you’re lucky you’ll find one who will answer your questions and probably encourage you to apply for a job there.

    If you decide you’d like to see if they are hiring (which they usually always are) ask to speak to a manager. If he or she likes what they see, they’ll take you into the dressing room to introduce you to the house mom.

    The Atlanta Strip Club Dressing Room

    The dressing room of a strip club can be a very intimidating place for someone who’s never danced before. There lots of laughter, lots of fighting, lots of nudity, and it’s always really loud. If you’ve ever been ashamed of your body or of seeing nudity, you’ll get over it really quick. It’s very blatant and in your face back there. You’ll see more than you care to see and hear more than you care to hear.

    At this point, the house mom will ask you to take off your clothes and do a turn. She’ll either hire you on the spot, or she’ll have you do an audition. An audition usually consists of one stage set. I very rarely saw anyone audition. Usually girls were just hired based on looks.

    You’re First Night Working at an Atlanta Strip Club

    No one is expected to have an awesome first set on stage. It takes a while to get accustomed to dancing nude. You’ll learn slower is better, but when you’re nervous, anything goes. If you’re of age, a drink or two will help loosen you up. But get used to being asked how long you’ve been dancing. Newbies stick out like a sore thumb for awhile. But before you know it, you’ll be hustling like a pro.

    Money Makes the World Go Round

    One piece of advice I could tell a girl new to dancing is tip, tip, tip! Tip well! Bouncers, DJs, valet, bartenders, HOUSE MOM (very important!). In this business money talks. The worst is being called on stage right when you’re about to go into VIP with a customer. By house rules, you have to complete your set first then go with the customer. But what if he finds another girl to take to VIP while you’re on stage? If you’ve taken care of your DJ regularly, he’ll usually call another girl on stage in place of you to ensure he’ll stay in your good graces and get an extra good tip that night.

    All in all, stripping is a fun job! Strippers are like a sisterhood. You’ll make some of the closest friends you’ve ever had in your life. You’ll be able to talk to them about anything and everything. You’ll probably make more money than you’ve ever made. Just remember to be smart and stay safe while you’re doing it.

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